About Jiayan
  Shanghai Jiayan is a high-tech company focusing on software and hardware technology application solutions. The core team has more than 10 years of foreign multinational technology and marketing background. We understand the needs of the companies and drive the entire service process from the perspective of customer demand. We target to providing software and hardware technology services. Our value is to create value for our customers. Our core competency is to create new technology solutions for our customers, to develop new value growth points, and to establish their own barriers in real-time response to industry competition.
We have three businesses areas as A,B,C:

A: CAE&EDA solution: ANSYS, full range of CAE simulation software; Sherlock, leading reliability simulation software; EDA software; Moldex3D, mold flow simulation software, Vayo, full range of software. We provide EDA&CAE solutions for enterprise R&D and production optimization.

B: Test equipment: Tyco, full range of test instruments, including oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, signal generators, power analyzers and DC power supplies.

C: Engineering Services: Provide CAE simulation, high-speed PCB design, software and hardware training services, e.g., our service including high-speed PCB design, SIP package design, signal integrity simulation, power integrity simulation, thermal simulation, EMC simulation, structure simulation, fluid simulation, and combustion simulation.

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